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Mail.Ru Games Ventures is a new games investment division, created by the Mail.Ru Group team as means of supporting and developing promising companies and projects worldwide.

The division will be financing accomplished game studios and publishers that need funding for scaling, as well as young game developers. After receiving investments, partners will be able to take advantage of global publishing opportunities offered by Mail.Ru Group, and leverage the company’s resources in all the key regions, including the properties of My.com.

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Our games investment division deals with financing at different levels of interest, custom-fitting the most stimulating and comfortable form of engagement for each partner. The investments, totaling over $100 million, will be funneled to companies and separate projects in the sphere of interactive entertainment, multimedia, entertainment technology, and marketing.

Our team leadership has over 20 years of experience in the field of development, publishing, and promotion of games in various markets worldwide. In addition to financial investment, we are able to provide a wide variety of effective and technologically sound solutions that can empower our partners to reach their goals. We at Mail.Ru Games Ventures are eager to lend our resources to like-minded professionals who are ready to change the face of the game industry and fully realize the potential of one of the most promising segments of the modern digital entertainment market.
Our team
Ilya Karpinskiy Director of MRGV
Maxim Babichev Executive Producer
Igor Gayvoronskiy Executive Producer
Alisher Yakubov Executive Producer
Boris Dobrodeev CEO (Russia) of Mail.Ru Group.
Games remain one of Mail.Ru Group’s top priorities. Starting games investment division is a logical next move to facilitate business development by significantly increasing the company’s potential in that segment. Our new games investment division will expand Mail.Ru Group’s investment platform allowing us to provide venture financing, as well as to increase our M&A activity
Ilya Karpinsky Director of Games Investment Division, Mail.Ru Group
With this new division, we aim to discover and develop promising games on the global market, and drive international expansion of the local products. Not only will it offer financing to the teams, it will also help them develop their businesses, particularly by providing access to Mail.Ru Group’s internal resources and services. The companies will be able to get all-round support, leverage our software solutions, extensive analytics and unique marketing opportunities on a global scale.
Why Mail.Ru Games Ventures:
Support by experts
We’ve acquired a team of highly skilled professional developers, tech specialists, managers and marketers, successfully creating and supporting more than 50 video game titles on a global level. Now we’re ready to share our expertise and accumulated real-world experience with our partners.
in gaming market
Our partners will be provided with access to a wide spectrum of analytical data, our company’s inner tools of analyzing, managing and promoting projects, and cutting-edge data security solutions.
players worldwide
Creative freedom
We believe that the most successful projects are created by teams fully immersed in the development. That’s why we’re ready to fully or partially take care of logistics and management and together establish our most effective level of involvement with day-to-day operations.
gaming projects
Mail.Ru Group, a leading international company focused on Internet communications and entertainment services, announced today the creation of games investment division which proposes up to $100 million of potential funding for games and game developers over the long term. $ 10 million has already been allocated for the first deals. The initiative will be open to game developers, both in Russia and globally, wishing to apply for potential funding.